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My Virtual Mentor is a Windows app that provides support for anyone who is trying to breathe life into their dreams, no matter what they are. It is an amazingly complete, insightful, thorough, and well-thought out system that offers not only the information and insight you need to define and pursue your dreams, but a collection sophisticated of tools to help you to bring your dreams into reality. Here are just some of the resources available in My Virtual Mentor.

  • Educational material on the art and science of deliberate reality creation.
  • Tools for define and pursuing your dreams
  • Six journals that you can use to aid your progress as well as to record it.
  • Links to outside resources for:
    • News related to dream fulfillment
    • Communities of like-minded people.
    • Outside resources of various kinds to support your journey
    • Books and other readings
  • Reports on your achievements and progress through every step of your journey, so that you can track your progress for each of your dreams.
  • Documentation on the best use of the system built right in to the app itself, so that like the rest of MVM, you don’t need to be online to have full access to the entire suite.

With My Virtual Mentor, you don’t need any other tools. Whether you want to study, meditate, record, share, or track your quest of your dreams, MVM can do it all for you.

To download the latest version of My Virtual Mentor click on the link below. If asked whether to Open or Save the program, choose Open to download and install immediately, or Save to save it to your disk for installation later. If you choose Open, you will not have a copy of the install program after the installation. If you choose Save, you will have a permanent copy of the install program, but you will be responsible for finding and executing the file you download in order to actually install it.

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